Pisgat Ze’ev is the largest residential neighborhood in Jerusalem with a population of over 50,000 residents. Pisgat Ze'ev, named for the famed Zionist leader Ze'ev Jabotinsky, was founded in 1984. It was planned as one of the ring neighborhoods surrounding Jerusalem, creating a continuous Jewish presence and connecting with Neve Yaakov in the city’s northern end.  This sprawling neighborhood is located between French Hill, Neve Yaakov, Beit Hanina, and Hizma.


The Har Hotzvim's hi-tech industrial park is less than a 10 minute drive from Pisgat Ze'ev and the Mishor Adumim industrial park is approximately 15 minutes away.  Pisgat Ze’ev also enjoys easy access to settlements outside of Jerusalem such as Maaleh Adumim and the communities in the Binyamin Region  of the country.


Pisgat Ze’ev is divided into five sections: East, North, West, South, and Central, with Central being the oldest section. The East and West were built in the early 1990s, and the North section is the newest area to be developed. The residents are a mixture of Israelis, and more recently olim – from Russia, North America, South America, England, and France, secular as well as religious residents call Pisgat Ze’ev home creating quite a culturally mixed neighborhood.


Pisgat Ze’ev has also become popular with students due to its close proximity to the Hebrew University campus on Mt. Scopus.


A large number of Pisgat Ze’ev residents are a natural outgrowth of families that have moved away from the city center due to rising costs of housing there. Most area residents live in apartment buildings yet several sections do have private houses, cottages or two-family condos.


The local street have been named to honor leading Israeli personalities, with the center areas streets dedicated to different Israeli Defense Force units. There is also a memorial to fallen soldiers located in a park in central Pisgat Ze’ev.


Moshe Dayan Blvd., is the major commercial thoroughfare that begins at Highway 1 and ends in Neve Yaakov, it is named for the the famed Israeli Army general. On Moshe Dayan Blvd you will find Pisgat Ze’ev Mall, shops, restaurants, health facilities including a brand new TEREM - Emergency Healthcare Clinic.


Pisgat Ze’ev is conveniently located along Jerusalem’s Light Rail line and has several bus routes with service to area throughout Jerusalem. It is also a stop along the way for many routes heading out of the city making it a easy access to almost anywhere.   


To meet the growing and diverse education needs of Pisgat Ze’ev, where approximately 50% of the residents are under the age of 21; the neighborhood is home to over 50 pre-schools, 9 elementary schools, and 3 high schools. There are also approximately 30 synagogues with varied customs to meet the needs of the population with classes and shiurim available throughout the week.


Average home prices in Pisgat Ze’ev are on the rise but still on the lower end compared to properties closer to Jerusalem’s center of town. The average price per meter stands at 15,500 nis. Starting prices for 2 room apartments are currently listed at slightly over 1,000,000 nis with private cottages having been recently sold as high as 3,700,000.