Over the past fifteen years the technology world has completely changed the way we do business and marketing of real estate has changed along with it. No longer do we need to search through classified ads in the Sunday paper to view new properties on the market. These days with a simple stroke of a few keys not only will you find the listed properties but often you will find photos, videos and virtual 3D tours with a simple “tap, tap, tap”.  

You certainly can sell your home without the benefit of social media and the use of technology but why should you when these tools have the ability to reach the masses and at a very fast rate. Choosing an agency that is technologically savvy will increase your exposure both locally and  internationally bringing in potential buyers from all over the world. Many agencies these days will offers to photograph and video your home. Most professional agencies with have their own websites where they can list your home and pertinent information. Additionally they may partner with other websites that can showcase your home as well. The potential is limitless and once your property is posted and shared there is no telling how many buyers will actually have an opportunity to view your property for sale.

Target Marketing is another way your agent can get your property “out there”. There are many programs that your agent can use to help define the best “target market” for your property and to develop a strategy to reach them, some of the most widely used applications are through Google and Facebook.

Each property is unique and choosing an agency that will offer you an all encompassing marketing strategy, one with a mixture of the old and new techniques, traditional, as well as up to date technology is an agency that will best serve your needs. Look for a company that has a true understanding of the community and the target market in order to formulate a plan to reach that specific population. For example, if the buyers your want to pursue regularly utilize the internet then a marketing plan that is heavy on the technology end is where the majority of the marketing resources should be focused. If the profile of the “best potential buyer” for your property is from a population that depends on community newsletters or print ads for their local news and updates, then the marketing plan for that property should be based more heavily on print ads, mailings and the like.  An agent that is well informed of the community and the “target market” for the property will be able to develop a marketing plan that will resonate with the appropriate pool of buyers.