Spotlight on Kochav Yaakov

Kochav Yaakov, located just 10 minutes northeast of Pisgat Zev in Jerusalem was established in the summer of 1984 by a group of religious Zionist families who organized to establish a new community. The beginning years were challenging but by 1990 the first 52 homes were built. Over the years after several expansion projects, Kochav Yaakov today is home to over 550 families and growing. Adjacent to Kochav Yaakov is the chareidi or “ulta-orthodox” community of Tel Tzion which was established in the year 2000 and now is home to over 1000 families.

City living is not for everyone, for those looking for a more suburban lifestyle there are many options. Settlements or yeshuvim are small communities that offer that "hometown" feeling of yesteryear many of us strive for when raising our families. These communities are often located within close proximately to cities allowing people the conveniences of the city while enjoying to the quiet community life they desire for their families. These days, "moving out" has become quite a popular trend.

The construction of several new housing projects in Kochav Yaakov are well underway and the demand is growing. The following are some of the reasons Kochav Yaakov has become such a desirable place to call home.  

The decision to purchase a home on a yeshuv can prove to be a financial sound choice, since you can purchase a home for a substantially lower price than you could within the city limits.  In Kochav Yaakov, a large villa of 6 – 7 rooms with a yard can be purchased for approximately 2,000,000 nis., about the price of a small apartment in Jerusalem. Homes range in size from 100 sqm one floor units, to 300 + sqm private homes. Some of the properties have added rental units on as “in-law” quarters, or as a source of income.  

Kochav Yaakov is a “melting pot” of many backgrounds and cultures. Walking through the streets you may hear French, English, Amharic, Russian, and Spanish mingled together with  language that brings the community together, Hebrew.   

Kochav Yaakov has a multiple schooling options including daycare, pre-schools, and elementary schools (separate for boys and girls) as well as middle school and "ulpana" high school for girls. In fact girls from many regions of the country travel to the Tzvia Girls' Ulapana in Kochav Yaakov. For residents looking for a more "charedi" school selection the neighboring Tel Tzion offers “chaider” for boys and a Bet Yaakov school for girls. With Jerusalem in such close proximity, there are families that opt to bus their children to the many choices available in the city while still enjoying the slower paced home life of a yeshuv.   

Most yeshuvim are geared towards family life with a central focus being the children of the community. The yeshuv boasts several synagogues to meet the needs of the many cultural backgrounds that make up the community. There are parks throughout the neighborhood, extracurricular clubs available for both children and adults, opportunities for Torah learning and personal growth, health clinics and 2 local food markets make shopping convenient.

Kochav Yaakov is home to an events hall “Pinat HaKochav”, a Yemenite Cultural Center, as well as a number of ever expanding list of homegrown industries.

Less than five minutes down the road is the industrial area of Shaar Binyamin with additional shopping and services including a large supermarket, bakery, clothing, furniture and shoe stores and much more.         

So if you are looking for a community, close to Jerusalem with great amenities and schooling options, where housing prices are still reasonable, a community that has been able to retain that "hometown" feeling, why not put Kochav Yaakov at the top of your list?


Homes currently for Sale in Kochav Yaakov/Tel Zion:

Maayanei Hayeshua St.


200 sqm villa on a 635 sqm lot. The house is 2 floors, ground floor is fully built and the upper floor is a shell.

Ground Floor: 100 Sq. meters, 4 Rooms, 1 Full Bathroom, 1/2 Bath, Salon, Kitchen, Garden of Approximately 400 Sq. Meters, Pergola, Sukkah Porch with Amazing Unobstructed View to Jerusalem!

Upper Floor: Open Shell (outer walls and roof are fully built)

Lots of Shalav Alef and Shlav Bet are the largest lots on the yishuv and offer the option of building more on the lot.

Asking Price: 2,100,000 NIS

Nahar Shalom St.

Villa for sale in shlav bet of Kochav Yaakov, 2 full floors built (approximately 186 sqm) plus a rental unit of approximately 53 sqm, 3 rooms with private entrance

The villa features a new open concept kitchen and all new flooring, large master bedroom that was 2 bedrooms on the ground floor, upper floor has 3 bedrooms, plus large bathroom and walk-in closet and central A/C for both floors.

!The house sits on a large lot of approximately 550 sqm 

Asking Price: 2,550,000 NIS

Kol Hator St.

200 sqm villa on a 400 sqm lot, split into two apartments. The main apartment has two bedrooms, safe room, kitchen, and living room. The laundry room off of the full bathroom exits to the front yard. In addition there is another large room with a walk in closet and bathroom.

Separately there is another apartment upstairs with a separate entrance - two bedrooms, living room and kitchen.

There is a big surrounding garden, 4 exposures and a huge pergola (60 sqm).

The property is an end property (quiet, view...) and it is close to the center of the yishuv (shuls, schools, store...)

Asking Price: 1,900,000 NIS

Mekor Baruch St. - Tel Zion

Fully renovated garden apartment, first floor (from one side of the building and -4 from the other side of the building), lot size is approximately 210 sqm, 131 sqm built area (118 in tabu and an additional 13 sqm porch that was closed on top), outside space off of the salon features a garden of approximately 60 sqm with high quality synthetic grass and a tiled porch of 35 sqm, master bedroom w/ en-suite bathroom, 2 more bedrooms (one is a safe room) and an additional room that can be used as a bedroom or storage room, 2 Full bathrooms and 1 w/c, service porch with an additional exit to the garden that is used for laundry and for the Junkers hot water system (for heat and hot water for showers/baths/dishes etc), high-end air conditioner in master bedroom, formal dining area, breathtaking view of Binyamin hills and Jerusalem!

Asking Price: 1,300,000 NIS

Home Sold Recently:

Derech Kochav Yaakov St. 

Renovated 3-bedroom apartment (part of a two-family house) on a quiet peaceful yishuv - Kochav Yaakov, just 10 minutes from Jerusalem!

Private garden (Beshimush), Sukka Porch, Master bedroom with en-suite, Move-in condition (relatively new structure), Safe room, Amazing View to Jerusalem!

Asking Price: 980,000 NIS (SOLD)


Shivat Zion St.: SOLD!

Villa (end property on col-de-sac) of 300 Sq. Meters on a huge lot of more than 500 sq. meters. The property is split into 3 rentals, rental 1: 200 sq. meters, rental 2 and 3 are 3 room apts. of 50 sq. each with a separate entrance.

Property has a huge a backyard with a large pool and is centrally located near the main shuls, schools and shopping

Asking Price: 2,400,000 NIS  (SOLD)